The Rules of the wiki Edit

A few rules you must follow when your on the wiki

Base Rules Edit

The most important rules of the wiki

1. No unconfirmed Editing. 

2. No vandalism of the content

3. No harassing other users writing on the wiki

4. No trolling the wiki trolling is a serious offence and anyone caught trolling will be banned from the wiki instantly.

Sub rules Edit

Still important but not as important as the base
Arguing in the chat section is not allowed

No ranting at non-wiki or non-admin users

No editing other users profiles

No controversial or offensive comments

No sexual pictures allowed

No controversial or offensive blogs

Minor Rules Edit

Not as important but still necessary to follow
Try to use proper grammer when speaking and editing

When chatting be formal, respectful and unbiased

Don't be hurtful to anyone on the wiki

Don't shout at Admin's

Don't shout at anonymous users, visitors or non-wiki users

Don't shout at each other on the wiki

Punishments Edit

Failure to comply to any of the rules will result in the following punishments

Base Rules Edit

1st violation of Base rules : Ban from conversing on the wiki

2nd violation of Base rules : Suspension of account

3rd violation of Base rules : removal of account

Sub Rules Edit

1st violation of Sub rules : Warning by admin

2nd violation of Sub rules : removal of comments

3rd violation of Sub rules : Ban from commenting on wiki

Minor Rules Edit

1st violation of Minor rules : Warning by admin

2nd violation of Minor rules : second warning by Admin

3rd violation of Minor rules : removal of comments and possible ban from commenting on wiki

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